Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sign Up for 3D Leadership

This Sunday New Life Church will have ten, count 'em, ten messages during our morning services!

Last year fifteen men worked hard at developing their leadership in the 3D leadership group. Sunday ten of them bring to the whole church the best message that they gave to that group last year. Part of the goal for 3D leadership is to help men be "apt to teach" (1 Timothy 3:2). I am excited for what this will mean to our church, long-term and this Sunday.

Here is the roster of speakers:


Dan Lundy, Peter Watkins, Andy Veitch


Billy Ferguson, Phil Reis, Donny Pulliam


Patrick Hada, Matt Cummins, Matt Zook, John Gardner

3D Leadership 

The 3D Leadership group is open to men from New Life Church who desire to be better at the three dimensions of leadership -- Self-leadership, Family leadership and Church Leadership. Through a combination of reading, interaction, and training you will experience the fastest acceleration in your leadership that you have ever experienced.

You may apply with this application form

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