Monday, August 26, 2013

New Life Church helps clean up West Linn High School

The annual cleanup day for West Linn High School was scheduled for Sunday afternoon, August 25. We already had a baptism scheduled then. Bridges to Change had their annual picnic slotted for the same time.

Rather than being embarrassed by our absence, I called the coordinator. She said she'd be very grateful if we could work on the school grounds before Sunday. 

So, Thursday evening last week a team of Ignite students sacked 17 bags of yard debris. Saturday morning a team from the Hellweg's life group finished the cleanup around the music/theater building. Their bags filled my pickup. 

Turns out only a handful people came out on Sunday, in the rain. I am certainly thankful New Life Church made the extra effort to serve our neighbors ahead of time. Thank you all!

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