Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Travis Air Force Base Mission Team Update

TAFB Day 1: Saturday

The team arrived safely at the Hospitality House at 4:45pm. Praise God for no complications on the journey down. Sue Nafziger was there to greet us, along with Kendall and a few other airmen. Sandy and several of the regular HH airmen are at a car show in Pismo Beach, due to arrive back on Sunday night. Sue took us to her dad’s house just a few miles away from the HH where we settled in comfortably for the night. 

TAFB Day 2: Sunday

We began our day at the First Street Chapel on base for the 9:00am worship service. We saw several familiar faces and made some new introductions. Donny shared during the service about his mom, asking for prayer as she wrestles with her new faith and a husband who does not believe in God. After the service we had lunch with some folks at the food court on base and became more connected with a few airmen who have only been at TAFB for a little while. It's amazing how eager they are to make new relationships, find out where you're from, and how God has been leading in your life. After lunch Sue took the group over to The Peak Cafe to get a feel for the order of operations there. The Peak is a coffee house that is actually a base chapel ministry, operated by the folks of the Hospitality House. It offers a positive, welcoming environment for anyone on base to come and enjoy a cup of coffee and relax. The Nafzigers treat The Peak like they do their own ministry in the Hospitality House. We are due to work The Peak every night we can this week. Grant, our team barista, is really going to come through for us! Sunday afternoon we helped set up the VBS at another chapel on base. Though we are disappointed to not have the privilege of helping at the VBS this year, we are so thankful to have had this opportunity to assist in the set up. It was just another chance to fellowship and serve with the airmen.

TAFB Day 3: Monday

We woke bright and early and met Sandy at the Hospitality House, where an exciting project was waiting for us! A former chaplain on base donated a brand new play structure to the HH, so the biggest thing we're going to be doing to service the HH this year is preparing the ground and building the play structure. It's going to be a tremendous addition to the HH grounds. Anna and Amanda were able to help with the registration process at the VBS on base this morning, where they checked in about 140 kids! The team made fantastic progress on the play structure today, and fully expect to complete the project by the end of the week. Stephanie cooked a delicious dinner at the HH for everyone tonight. We worked The Peak and met a lot of great people - some fellow believers and some who don't know Jesus. We ended our night with a team debrief/time of prayer for the folks we engaged with that evening.

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