Friday, June 21, 2013

Travis AFB Mission Team Update #2

TAFB Day 4: Tuesday

Today we made excellent progress on the play structure assembly and ground preparation. We made a gravel path leading from the house to the play structure. The guys worked with Sandy and a couple other airmen to dig out the area where the play structure will be set up. After a full day of work we ended our evening working The Peak. Please keep two airmen in your prayers: Franklin and Cody. They are new to the air force and new to The Peak. Please pray that our team would make an impact on them, and that they would be able to attend the Bible study on Thursday night.

TAFB Day 5: Wednesday

Today was a day of rest for the team. We toured the Jelly Belly Factory in the morning since a few of our team members had never been. The afternoon was spent with one of the regular airmen at the HH, Amir, who gave us a tour of the base and shared his story of salvation with the team. We worked The Peak again Wednesday night. At this point Grant has given us all a thorough training on making drinks! We don’t know what we’d do without his skills. Please continue to pray for Franklin and Cody that they will come to Bible study at The Peak on Thursday. They’ve definitely made a connection with our team.

TAFB Day 6: Thursday

Today it was back to work at the HH in the morning. Mark went with Sandy to Home Depot to get the rest of the supplies for the play structure project and order the bark chips. We did all kinds of work today while we waited for the delivery: Anna, Elle, and Mandi worked in the garden. Stephanie and Grant cleaned the HH sign and cleared the weeds around the entrance to the property. Donny mowed pretty much the entire grounds. After lunch while the guys were working on spreading bark chips and anchoring in the play structure, the girls cleaned around the HH and helped Sue prepare for the Bible study dinner at The Peak that night. The HH folks cook a meal every Thursday night for this Bible study. Tonight there were about 35 people there; we met a lot of new people and were able to invite some guys to the Six Flags expedition on Saturday. Sadly we did not see Franklin or Cody, but trust that God will continue to work through the folks at The Peak to
minister to them. Mark led the group in the Bible study. He shared about fathers of faith in the book of Genesis, and the hope we have that God has a plan and used ordinary people, sinners like us, to carry out His plan. Donny closed the evening by sharing his testimony. He talked about the transformation in his life when the Holy Spirit took over, and how the cleansing work of Jesus on the cross is offered to everyone. His story is so powerful and really had an impact on the group.

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