Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wilsonville Swap & Play To Close

As New Life Church looked to start a campus in Wilsonville, the first desire was not to start a worship service, but to be a group of people who are a blessing to the city. As we looked around Wilsonville, we observed a high population of young families, particularly those living in apartments near the church. In January 2011, Wilsonville Swap & Play was started as a way for New Life Church to serve the needs of these families. It has provided a safe environment for mothers to take small children to play, meet other families, and share resources. Wilsonville Swap & Play operated for a year before New Life Wilsonville opened and has been a resource to many families over the last two years. They have offered classes for preschool children such as art, cooking, music, dance, soccer, and gardening. They have connected with moms groups and participated in city events. Above all, they have provided a place for moms to develop friendships with other moms.

Recently, due to space constraints, the leadership has felt that Wilsonville Swap & Play is no longer able to provide the exceptional experience they want for their members and the community. Though New Life Church is still committed to find ways to bless the families of Wilsonville, the Swap & Play will be closing at the end of the month. Please pray for the leadership as they seek new ways to invest their time and talents in the lives of the people of Wilsonville.

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