Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Father, Hallowed Be Your Name

How might you build the Lord's Prayer into your prayer life? 

Here are two questions to ask yourself as you pray:
1.    How does what I’m praying about reflect my privileged relationship to God?
2.    How does what I’m praying about connect to God’s primary concern?

Use simple petitions like these to begin to implement the Lord’s Prayer as a template for your prayers.


  • Never let me forget what it cost you to make me your child!
  • Remind me, you are all I had hoped a perfect father might have been to me.
  • Thank you for adopting me.
  • Comfort me.
  • Help me learn from your discipline.
  • Grow our relationship because of this time in prayer.

"Hallowed Be Your Name"

  • Cause me regard you and your character as completely unique and holy.
  • Make your name known and revered in  the life of my family, in my friends, among the lost people I will see today and among the nations.
  • I confess I do not regard you as holy, in fact I run from your holiness. Please cleanse me and make me holy like my father.

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