Friday, May 11, 2012

Books Added to the Library

After God's Heart - Myrna Alexander
Tongue-tied No More - Don Ashcraft
Growing as a Christian 101 - Bruce Bickel
Knowing the Bible 101 - Bruce Bickel
52 Ways to Know your Bible Better - Robert Jon Crown
Quiet Strength - Tony Duncy
GENESIS - Here is Love - Commentary for Children - Nancy E. Ganz
LEVITICUS - Here is Love - Commentary for Children - Nancy E. Ganz
NUMBERS - Here is Love - Commentary for Children - Nancy E. Ganz
The Family Blessing - Rolf Garborg
Making Summer Count - Joyce Heinrich
Too Busy NOT To Pray - Bill Hybels
Top Ten Biblical Discoveries in ARCHAEOLOGY - Timothy G. Kimberley
The Glory of Heaven - John F. MacArthur
The Love of God - John MacArthur Jr.
Parenting: Questions Women Ask - Gail MacDonald
Davinci Code - Josh McDowell
Don't Check Your Brain at the Door - Josh McDowell
Tell the TRUTH - Will Metzger
From Fear to Freedom - Rose Marie Miller
Then Sings My Soul - Robert J. Morgan
The Great Everyday Commission - Dann Spader
Living Fearlessly - Sheila Walsh
The King James Only CONTROVERSY - James R. White

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