Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Sunday, November 20, at our annual meeting for Budget and Elections, we recognized several individuals and couples who have served God at New Life Church for years. They have enable and brought about changes that we are enjoying. They have laid a foundation that we are still building from. Several are still actively engaged in ministry now. I do want to again say “Thank You!” to this group.

This group has served a long time at New Life, some of them for decades and they are at least 75 years of age. I hope they have many more years of fruitful and faithful service. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Bob & Bonnie Bruechert
  • Bill & Alma Coston
  • Ralph & Shirley Hanson
  • Al & Elsa Sutherland
  • Harold & Donna Wilson
  • George & Betty Nelson
  • Bob & Barbara Montgomery
  • Bill & Jeannette Kramer
  • George Milliken
  • Agnes Spidal
  • Colleen Mickelson
  • Phyllis Cooper
  • Pat Meyerdierk
  • Anita Austen
  • Joan Meyers
  • Eleanora Larson
  • Nancy Ross
  • Louise Holladay

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Life Church has a prayer focus each week. Our prayer focus is broken down into three categories of ministry: 1. We pray for another local church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2. We pray for a Global Outreach Partner who is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. 3. We pray for a ministry of New Life Church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ locally.

  • Area Church: First Baptist Church – Gladstone, OR, Pastor Brian Early
  • Global Partner: Michele and Anna Gandolfo – Italian Ministries, USA
  • NLC Ministry: Coffee Creek Prison Ministry
    • Please pray for the inmates during the holiday times. 
    • Pray for a new ministry that is in the works, we need Department of Corrections  to approve it and assign a room and other obstacles that are involved in a new ministry. 
    • Pray for their sock drive (they are doing a sock drive for the homeless, many give their month salary $36 to $100).
    • Pray for Graduation coming up 11/30.
    • Pray for a Chapel for services

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Here is one of the most fundamental things i am thankful for about New Life Church:

And we also thank God constantly for this, that when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men but as what it really is, the word of God, which is at work in you believers.
1 Thessalonians 2:13

Have a wonderful and thankful day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Women's Holiday Gathering

With our busy schedules, it is difficult for the women of New Life Church to connect. That is why the Women's Holiday Gathering was put on the calendar. This event provides an opportunity for the ladies of the church to simply visit with one another in a relaxed, holiday setting. This is especially important in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. Please join us on Thursday, December 1st at 7 p.m at New Life Riverfalls. Friends are welcome!

Monday, November 21, 2011

This Should Be Thanksgiving...But it is Black Friday!

If you are going to shop at Amazon for Black Friday, please do it here: Shop Amazon's Black Friday Week. The church benefits when you use our link. Thank you.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Do We Sing Hallelujah?

One of my favorite words to sing is "hallelujah." Often though, it's easy to sing words as tradition without knowing what they mean. John Piper recently wrote a brief blog post explaining the meaning of the word "hallelujah." I hope and trust this will come to your mind as we sing, and will help you fix your mind and affections on God.

"The English word “hallelujah” is a transliteration of two Hebrew words, hallelu and jah. The first word, hallelu, is the second person imperative of “praise.” The second word, “jah,” is the short form of Jahweh (or Yahweh).
So when we say, “Hallelujah!” we are exhorting others (people and angels) to join us in praising Yahweh.

What gives a punch to my singing, “Hallelujah,” is that Jah (=Yahweh) is not a generic word for God, but the personal name of the God of Israel.
To shout, “Hallelu Jah!” — “Praise Jah!” — is like standing in the council of the gods and boldly saying, “Not to you, Molech!” “Not to you, Baal!” “Not to you, Dagon!” “Not to you, Artemis!” “Not to you, Zeus!” But to Jah, and Jah alone, I give praise. And I call you to join me! Praise Jah!

And not only is Jah God’s personal name, but it is the one he gave himself to distinguish himself from all the gods. And it is thrilling in meaning.
When Moses asked God what name he should use to identify God in Egypt, God said, “I AM WHO I AM. Say this to the people of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you’” (Exodus 3:14).

The name Yahweh is built on the words “I AM”. So God put his absolute, transcendent, self-sufficient being at the center of his identity. “All the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but Yahweh made the heavens” (Psalm 96:5).

So, the next time you sing “Hallelujah” pause for a split second between “hallelu” and “Jah” and say it like a name. We praise you . . . Jah! You are above all gods . . . Jah! Join me, all you heavenly hosts, and praise . . . Jah! He is! He simply, eternally, absolutely, independently, gloriously IS! Hallelu . . . Jah!

From Taylor Reavely