Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prayer Focus for the week of Mar. 20th

New Life Church has a prayer focus each week. Our prayer focus is broken down into three categories of ministry: 1. We pray for another local church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2. We pray for a Global Outreach Partner who is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. 3. We pray for a ministry of New Life Church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ locally.

Area Church: Barton Community Baptist Church – Boring, OR, Pastor Thom Turner

Global Partner: Brian and Lavonne Buhler – South Asia

  • Thankful for a great time visiting friends and family during our short visit.
  • Thankful for the great time and experience Brian and the kids had feeding the homeless with the children’s ministry. 
  • Praise for our new visas good for 5 years.
  • Praise for resident permits good for 1 year and renewable.
  • Praise for the full funding of this unexpected visa change trip!
  • Pray for more employees qualified employees to help us move forward with our business.
NLC Ministry: Ignite
  • We had eighteen students attend our annual Winter Retreat where we focused upon the urgency of sharing the Gospel. One student gave his life to Christ on that trip and continues to be a disciple of our group! 
  • We're wrapping up a series on the Beatitudes and praise be to God for the way that our students (and leaders!) hearts have been changed by what He has revealed to us through them. 
  • March marks the second full year that our ministry has been involved serving with the Shepherd's Door ministry of Portland Rescue Mission and our students continue to show up each month with a servant's heart. 
  • We begin a new series on the Sermon on the Mount in April. Please pray that God would continue to minister to our hearts through what He reveals as we dig deep into Jesus' teaching. 
  • April 1-3 the girls of our ministry are heading to the coast for a weekend retreat focused upon fellowship and community building within our ministry. Please pray that the Lord would bind them together in love to His glory. 
  • April 6th is "Parents' Night" at IGNITE when the parents of our students are invited to join us at youth group to see what their student experiences each week. Please pray that we would be able to strengthen our partnership with parents as we pursue the mutual goal of helping their student draw near to the Lord and hunger and thirst for righteousness.

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