Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Moldova Bible Seminary

In a month, Taylor and I will head to Chisinau, Moldova to teach for a week at Moldova Bible Seminary. We are team-teaching a class on Worship. We will stay in Europe and visit the Simmons the next week. The dates of the trip are March 11-March 27.

We were introduced to this ministry a few years ago by Rich and Cheri Strahm. Rich is teaching at this seminary this week. You can read about some of New Life Church's earlier interactions in Moldova here.

Please join us in prayer that:

  • Churches throughout Moldova and that entire region would treasure God more passionately because of these students.
  • Their worship would fuel mission.
  • Taylor and I would effectively connect the glory of God and the worship of the local church.
  • This trip would enhance our ministry and vision through New Life Church.
  • God would take care of us and our family while we're away.
  • We would refresh the hearts (Philemon 7) of the Simmons and Gandolfos.

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Judy C said...

I am so excited for you and Taylor! The Moldovan people are so warm and kind and hungry to learn. You will love them! I know God will bless your time there. Say hi to Eugene, Irene, Sergei, and Olga and all!