Sunday, January 02, 2011

Prayer Focus for the week of Jan. 2nd

New Life Church has a prayer focus each week. Our prayer focus is broken down into three categories of ministry: 1. We pray for another local church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2. We pray for a Global Outreach Partner who is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. 3. We pray for a ministry of New Life Church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ locally.

Area Church: First Baptist Church – Estacada, OR, Pastor Brent Dodrill

  • Pray for good preparation for our team that goes to Nepal in March. Pray for good connections with Tibetans in Nepal and ministry opportunities.
  • Pray for expanding vision to reach Estacada as we assimilate new attenders.
  • Pray for good use of the new building we purchased down the street from our main building. Pray that "The CenTer" will be a blessing to the community.

Global Outreach Partner: Michele and Anna Gandolfo – Italian Ministries, USA

NLC Ministry: Treasure Land

  • Pray for the preparations for teaching about the Providence of God to the children. Pray that it would be enriching for them.
  • Pray that many children will give their lives to Christ and be baptized.
  • Praise God for physical and spiritual growth in the Treasure Land ministry!
  • Pray for the many parents that are training their children at home.

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