Monday, November 01, 2010

"Pop" Night at Awana

Last week at Awana the clubbers enjoyed a special theme night called "Pop Night". All of the kids brought their pop, grandpop, or some other adult male to hang out with them for the night. The night started with both Pops and clubbers learning and reciting verses from God's word. The Pops learned Deut. 6:4-5 and recited it to their kids.

Next we had a special time of singing and hearing a famous pop in our church share from the Bible (Pastor Scott). It was so cute to see all of the kids sitting in their Pop's lap and listening to what God had to say to them.

After hearing lesson from God's word, we had a time of games. A few of the Pops got really dizzy as the spun around on bats and tried to run around the Awana Circle. The favorite game of the night was American Eagle where kids ran across the circle with their Pops trying to avoid being tagged.

Finally, what "Pop Night" would be complete without having a snack of soda-pop, popcorn, and lollipops. A great time was had by all. "Pop Night" is just one of many fun theme nights that the faithful Awana leaders are putting on for the kids this year. It's not too late to join Awana either. If you child is 3 years old through 5th grade, we would love to have them come and learn God's word with us. Contact Sara Pylate at for more information.

To view a slide show of Pops and kids, click here.

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