Thursday, November 04, 2010

High School "Pumpkorn" event a success!

High school students gathered at the church at 2:30 on Saturday, October 23rd and started the event by traveling to Albeke Farms in Oregon City to grab some pumpkins for the team carving competition. The students split into five teams and each team had to decide upon a theme they were going to carry through into their pumpkin carving. The themes chosen were "Wild, Wild West", "Germany", "Random Household Objects", "Totem Pole", and "Individuality". Each group's pumpkins were judged and when the scores were tallied "Totem Pole" won with "Wild, wild west" coming in a close second.

After the carving was complete everyone sat down to a yummy meal of corn chowder, salad, toasted-pumpkin seeds, and rolls. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin bars were the desert. During the meal Tanya Elkins shared her testimony. It was powerful and she captured everyone's attention for the ten minutes that she spoke about the change that a relationship with Jesus Christ has made in her life following some tumultuous teen years. She invited everyone to stop striving after what the world says is the path to happiness, and into the unceasing and unchanging hope offered by a relationship with Him.

When dinner was over and cleanup was complete we headed out for the corn maze. There was a lot of screaming, a lot of mud, and when it was all over there were a lot of smiles! Everyone returned from the maze soaked to the skin and freezing cold, but after the heat kicked in the talk in the vans on the way home was about doing it all again next year.

The evening ended with thirty-seven students attending and seventeen of them were visitors! Please pray that the Lord would lead them to a relationship with Him and that He would continue to offer our ministry an opportunity to speak His truth into the lives of area high school students.

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