Monday, November 29, 2010

Annual Budget and Elections Meeting

Sunday, November 21, 2010 we held our annual budget and elections meeting at New Life Church Robinwood. Anna Alcutt, Mike & Sherri Hellweg, John & Sylvia Pigott, Lauren Reavely, Phil & Marcia Reis, Donna Silva, Caitlyn Stone, and Jim & Cathy Tuttle were introduced as new members.

The church approved the budget and ratified Scott Haugen and Lee Bennett as elder for the next term.

And we approved changes to our bylaws. You can get a copy of the bylaws by asking the church office. Among the changes were:

  • An upgrade to the church covenant.
  • Dropping the word "pre-millenial" from our doctrinal statement.
  • Requiring only one business meeting per year.
  • Wording that presses us to search for a senior pastor from inside New Life Church before we go outside, reflecting our value of leadership development.

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