Sunday, September 05, 2010

Prayer Focus for the week of Sept. 5th

As a church of prayer, New Life Church has a prayer focus each week. Our prayer focus is broken down into three categories of ministry: 1. We pray for another local church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2. We pray for a Global Outreach Partner who is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. 3. We pray for a ministry of New Life Church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ locally.

Area Church: Estacada First Baptist Church: Estacada, OR, Pastor Brent Dodrill

  • Pray for the purchase of a building down the street from the Estacada First Baptist Church building. The plan is for the youth of Estacada First Baptist to use the building on Wed nights, another Hispanic church to use it on Sunday morning, and the local Pregnancy resource Center to use it during the week.
  • Pray that the people of Estacada First Baptist will fully catch the vision of how this building can be a blessing to so many and how they can participate in that financially.
  • Pray for a spirit of cooperation and unity with all in involved.
  • Pray that for continued work in South Asia as the church plans for a mission trip next spring.
Global Outreach Partner: Rick and Mary Beth Holladay: Campus Crusade for Christ, Deutschland
  • Praise the Lord for 25 years of marriage.
  • Praise the Lord for a month of visiting in the states, particularly for a family reunion and the celebration of Mary Beth's mother's 80th Birthday.
  • Pray that the ministry of the arts will communicate God's love and inspire worship of our creator.
  • Pray that this ministry in southeast Germany will provide encouragement and guidance to artists.
NLC Ministry: Treasure Land Children's Ministry
  • Praise God for the growing number of children in Treasure Land.
  • Praise Him because children are learning their books of the Bible and praising God!
  • Praise Him that there are committed, godly teachers and assistant teachers who love these children and desire for them to know their Savior!
  • Pray for more people to serve children through Treasure Land.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will do His work in the lives of children and families impacted by the Treasure Land ministry. That they will learn what worship is all about and know WHO is the object of our worship; to learn about Him through His Word, to learn how to use His Word, to come to love His Word, and to become kids who treasure God!
  • Pray that the teachers/teaching assistants would also experience growth in their personal relationship with God.
  • Praise the Lord for the parents of these children who want their children to know the gospel and the awesome God who loves and saves.

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