Monday, July 05, 2010

Juneau Mission Team Day 3

Yesterday, we went on a “3/4 of a mile” hike. The hike represented way more than a journey. It represented, at least I know, my walk with Christ, and I am sure more people also. Our team got lost countless times, and there were times I lead us into an immediate dead end. You could say that we were lost if you meant that; we didn’t know where north was, or we didn’t know the long./lat. But we just put our trust into the trails that we found, just like we put trust in God when we don’t know where He’s taking us. We found our destination after taking many detours and falling down many times. The hike turned out to be 2.5 miles. All in all I believe that the team grew closer those two hours. We overcame obstacles to help other people the entire trip, and we grew close in our love for one another. After the hike we rode a tram down, then watched a parade. It was nice to have a little down time. Right after that we went to the huge Independence Day Parade, we had a Mega Sports Camp booth, and we helped serve a church in the Douglas community.

There were a few moments that stood out while in downtown Juneau, A ton of the people that we talked to about sports camp had already heard 2 or even 3 times either through Crossroads Church or through our previous canvassing. The team thought that was awesome!!! Also the team did not only serve the community, but we served the Douglas Methodist Church. Thomas had a great conversation with one of the members of their congregation. That was a nice reminder of how we need to preach the gospel to our brothers and sisters in Christ just as much as the lost. I know that I learned many things and I am sure others did also.

When we returned many of us were attacked by the evil one, temptations arose, either to break down in fear or confusion or to be slowed by sickness. Being fully realized of our brokenness, the team grew once again closer, our brokenness gave God opportunity to show his greatness. On a side note, I used to ask God for opportunities to have him work in my life and others, I realized this week that God has placed opportunities all over the place, all I need to do is trust him and hold on for the ride. All in all I cannot wait to see how we grow and how God will work through us in the following days. Thank you for your prayers, they are helping.

Andrew M.

PS Just for fun... A Picture of a Juneau Bear (Don't worry, the teenagers are safe!)

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Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you!!!! Can't wait to hear the testimonies!!! Blessings and love to you all!!
The Foullons