Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pastor Scott and Marcia to Israel

Marcia and I leave at 6:30 tomorrow morning for Israel. We are going with a tour from Western Seminary where I am the chairman of the board of trustees. We will return on June 6th.

We are going to learn about the Holy Land, to be sure. But, our chief motivation for this trip is our 25th anniversary. For our honeymoon we traveled all of 85 miles to Yellowstone park and stayed three days for less than $400 before we were snowed out and came home! We are very excited about this opportunity. The trip highlights how thankful we are for the work God has done in us, and to a lesser degree, through us in these past 25 years.

We would appreciate your prayers for our safety as well as for our encouragement and growth. We look forward to sharing what we learn. Thank you.

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