Wednesday, January 06, 2010

5(hundred) Hours Finale

Last Sunday, January 3rd, marked the close of re:Generātion’s 5(hundred) Hours of Prayer.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. As of Sunday’s collection, 502 hours have been reported (and remember, those are actual hours, not assumed, not pledged, not padded, actual hours).

With the launch date quickly approaching, there will (of course) be an ongoing need for prayer in re:Generātion. If you’re interested in serving on the prayer team (whether in Sunday night’s prayer room or simply in support), please let me know.

The launch schedule for re:Generātion is as follows:

January 17th
Launch Team Training; 6-8pm @ Riverfalls

January 24th
Launch Team Training; 5-7pm @ Riverfalls

January 31st
Launch Team Training; 6-8pm @ Riverfalls

February 7th
Super Bowl; Promote re:Generātion (No Meeting)

February 14th
Valentine’s Day (No Meeting)

February 21st
Pre-Launch Meeting; 6-8pm @ Riverfalls

February 28th
re:Generātion Launch; Doors Open @ 6pm

After last Sunday’s message, it should be clear that the vision for 2010 is enormous, ambitious and truly impossible without God’s presence and blessing. It won’t be long until our next corporate prayer effort begins . . . and you can be sure that if we spent 500 hours praying in December, with all of the travel and crazy scheduling that Christmas and the New Year bring, our next goal will be even higher.

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