Monday, December 21, 2009

Hunter Haugen Home from India

Hunter Haugen is home from India!

He came home with a small carry on that easily held what he did not give away. "Three square meals of rice and spice" each day left him visibly lighter. The big smile and lots of stories of all God has been doing in his life were cause for praise to God for answered prayers. Please see Hunter's final report below:

What a trip. When Brian and I first
talked about coming to India, I only knew that 1. three months sounded like a really long time, and 2. there would be computer stuff to do. Within this sparse framework I began to add all of my expectations of how my time could best be spent here and what I would have to accomplish for this trip to be a "success." Looking back over my time here, I can only be amazed at how once again God redeems whatever we give him and returns it to us increased a hundredfold.
In my time here, I was engaged with Brian and staff in the office in
training for various topics giving a deeper understanding of the various server
operating systems, developing and deploying streamlined working procedures
and software to more closely integrate their development cycle and at the same
time provide flexibility which was previously nonexistent, set up a virtual private
network, as well as a few other other buzzword-bingo subjects. I was also given
the chance to teach a class for 40 teachers-in-training on the finer points of
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
But more than technical aspects, I was able to come in contact with many
Indians on a micro and macro scale. Just being there with white skin makes
people naturally curious, and as English is the de facto language of the country,
I was able to engage with people when I went to the city, towns, schools, or
anywhere. There are several Hindus who I was in frequent contact with, often
taking meals or tea together and having conversations that moved beyond the
customary social talk. I was given several occasions to explain in depth what
the Christian faith is, and who I am because of it. They did not take me up on
my offers for church yet, but I will have them in my prayers.
On a personal level, this trip vivified and verified my desire to serve the
practical needs of technical expertise on the missions field, and this could very
well be one of the key chapters of my life. The monetary and time invested in
this trip have had a very direct effect on my life, and have made me a sharper
tool in the hand of God.
I thank you for your gifts to allow me to make this trip. India is a country
where the people are open to teaching and friendship, and don't shy away from
the idea of an almighty God. God is definitely at work in this country.
Hunter Haugen

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