Monday, November 23, 2009

Hunter Haugen in India- Update #2

It's been two months, but I still feel as if I'm just brushing the surface of Indian culture. There are so many currents and motives moving beneath the obscuring surface of what appears to be normal life to a foreigner like me. I am building relationships with people, understanding their lives, seeing the work that God is performing through them in their community, and being able to work and fellowship with them all at the same time.

There is a desire in many of the people here to give up what they have and live under Jesus's admonition to "come, follow me." Just as it is everywhere else but especially here, to see the joy gained in the Holy Spirit is a great witness to the community of the truth of the gospel. To me, that is part of what makes this such a ripe field; there is a non-stop stream of people who are ready and willing to follow Christ and tend His field, and they are being enabled by the many different programs that have taken root in the recent years.

The Buhlers have been most hospitable, not just to me, but also to the community. This evening I went to their house to help with a Halloween party that they've set up for the local families with children that they've been able to reach out to. With the friendship of the family and Lavonne's gift for running events and designing parties, it was quite a hit. In the office with Brian too, many of the programmers are not believers but as they design the websites for many of the movements inside India, they see all the ways that the believing community desires to help. I'm very happy to be blessed to have been equipped to help as a part of this. Thanks for your prayers and support and allowing me to be here.

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