Thursday, November 05, 2009

Family News -- Family Forum

As I wrote last week, the church in Oregon City decided on a future that did not include New Life Church. Because of that, CB Northwest decided to pull us off the job. As of Sunday, 11/1 New Life Church is no longer serving the Oregon City congregation and CB Northwest has assumed direct leadership until the end of the year.

This is GREAT news. Not only am I finished with my responsibilities there, but Aaron and Amanda Orendorff are rejoining us back at New Life Church. In the words of one of our elders, "he received 10 years experience in one year." Now we have him back with an added decade of training! He’ll be preaching for me on 11/29 & 12/6. Be sure to welcome them back.

We are so excited about what the future holds and about what God is doing at New Life Church that we want to talk about it with you as soon as possible. Please come to a Family Forum at our Riverfalls campus on November 22 at 6:00 p.m. We’ll eat together. There will be childcare for the meeting.

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