Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Awana Thanksgiving

Hope you enjoy these photos of our festive group of Pilgrims and American Indians! Last night 27 children heard about giving thanks to God. We celebrated God's goodness by dressing up, eating turkey and making crafts. Our older children even wrote their own Psalm / Praise to God using the accrostic, Thanksgiving. Here it is:

The Lord is good to all,

He is Almighty,

Amazing You are.

Nothing can destroy You.

Kneel down before Him.

Strong and mighty are You.

God, You are glorious.

I'm forever prasing You.

Victorious are You.

I love You.

No one is as strong as You.

God, You are good.

Hoping this post encourages you to forever praise God because He is indeed all the attributes mentioned above, HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Awana!

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