Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank You from Barb and Dan Evans

Thank you. We appreciate your kindness and generosity to help us. We have so many, many details, medical appointments and expenses, deadlines, insurance issues, learning to be a medical caregiver, and the sort. In all of that God has provided family, friends and the combined Body of Christ to love us in an incredible way with Prayer coverage, meals, child-care, loaner cars and campers and finances. Thank you for your tangible help with some of these finances. We need it and therefore really appreciate it! It's a blessing to us to see God's provision in so many ways.
We don't know why we are asked to walk this journey with Barb's terminal illness, but we could not walk it or would not want to walk it with out the body of Christ and family and friends like you.
Thank you so much!
God Bless.
Dan for Barb, Caleb and Audrey

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