Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hunter Haugen on Mission in India

I've been to several other countries before, but they would be hard-pressed to measure up to the level of ferver and friendlyness that I've experienced in the Indian culture. It's more than just being a stranger in a strange land, but they are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of those around them. Between the office work and socializing, it's been quite a wonderful time so far.

I went into the office starting the first morning after arriving and met a lot of the people responsible for many of the dalit websites.
Two days later, we packed the entire office and moved to within a kilometer of where I'm staying. Talk about arriving at just the right time. The rest of the first week was spent getting a new server set up for a large project.

I was able to get a driver and take a city tour with some of the other visitors who've arrived recently. The Indians are very happy to share their culture and historical. Many of the sights can be seen by visiting Facebook.

Most of the daytime has been spent working on the setup at the office, but my evenings and weekends have been busy too. The Buhlers have been very hospitable; I've spent several evenings and mealtimes with them and their kids, and went shopping on the weekend with them. I've also made a few Indian friends (read: geeks) who I've had fun spending evenings with playing games and teaching linux stuff. The rest of my time is spent going out for coffee and chatting about our experiences with the other foreigners who have been here anywhere from 2 weeks to
2 years.

I thank you all for your prayers, as it is evident that God is working in my life here. I have other pictures and maybe more videos to share later, once I collect them all up. Two other ways to contact me and get updates are my twitter account ( and my skype account (Hunnur), as almost everyone here uses skype. Remember that it's 12.5 hours difference, so 2pm your time is 2:30am my time.

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