Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alaska Mission Trip Day 4

Today was another day of work on our projects. However, since the team was a bit weary, there seemed to be a little more relaxation going on around the house than in previous days. We took a break at lunch to have a feast of wild Alaskan game. I think the Caribou was the team favorite. Some on the team, plunged on in the work with much intensity. Others took more of a playful approach. We had a surprise visit from "Wilson" from the TV show Home Improvement, and an angry "nail man" also terrorized our team photographer. In all it was a productive day. Some of the guys went fishing tonight. We will give you a report on how successful they were on tomorrow's post. Others on the team are going on a short raft trip on our day off tomorrow. We will attend church tomorrow night at the chapel at Elmendorf Airforce Base. Until tomorrow...

Your Alaska Mission Team!

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