Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alaska Report Day 5-7

We are back online here in Alaska...
In my last post I promised an update on the fishing trip. Cale, Lee, Larry, and Darin set out with Dan (Cadence Missionary here) for a 3 hour drive to fish on the Russian River. The fellas saw some "Alaskan" wildlife along the way and had a great time fishing. Larry got 1 Salmon and Dan got two. The weary fishermen arrived home at 7:30 AM on Sunday morning... tired, wet, and cold, but thankful for the opportunity to fish in Alaska.

On Sunday morning, the rest of our crew (Louise, Donna, and Nathan along with the Metko's grandchildren) went on a pack rafting trip. We hiked about two miles with 1 man rafts on our backs, and then put in for a beautiful raft ride on the Eagle River.

It was our privilege to go to the chapel worship service at Elmendorf Airforce Base on Sunday evening. About 50 airmen and family members gathered for a spirited worship service. We heard a sermon on the Prodigal son that really drove home the initiative of the Father in restoring relationship with us.

Monday and Tuesday have both been very productive work days for the team. Today we finished the "shop" portion of the ministry center. Before closing up the final wall, we had a dedication ceremony in which each team member wrote a scripture and a prayer on a card and nailed them into the wall. We prayed for the hospitality house and encouraged the Evans family in their ministry here.

Please pray for perserverence and efficiency for the team. We have just two work days left before we head out on the camping trip/retreat over the 4th of July weekend. Thanks for praying for us and for giving us the opportunity to be... Your Alaska Mission Team!

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