Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alaska Mission Trip- Day 2

Our whole team got a really good night of sleep last night, in spite of the all-night-light of the sun. We began the day today with a time of devotion from Matthew 25 and prayer for the day and for the ministry here at Mountain Chapel Hospitality House (MCHH).

Most of the day was spent working on construction projects. Lee and Nathan worked on framing walls in the ministry center. Darin and Larry worked on the bathroom project. Louise did shopping and meal preparation along with Beryl Metko. Paul Metko and his grandson Caleb worked on putting in a new horseshoe pit. Cale and Donna stapled plastic to the top of 20 cords of fire wood and did other small projects.

In the evening we transitioned into helping with the ministry night for the Hospitality House. Thursday is the night that married couples and their kids come to the house. The ladies prepared a meal for the whole crew of 44 people. Louise Bennett shared her testimony this evening. She shared about being young in her faith with two kids and a husband away in Vietnam. She shared how God has sustained her and been faithful to her all of these years. I think the story of God helping them to be faithful to one another through 40 years of marriage really impacted these young families. The Bible Study this evening was a lively discussion of Titus 1, and the call of God on the lives of elders. Well, that is about all I will share this evening. Please see the pictures below of the ministry night, and continue to pray for our work of sharing the gospel as well as our lives here in Alaska.

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