Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Can Help Victims of the Italian Earthquake

Below is a letter from Dan Simmons that suggests an avenue to give and some specific prayer requests for victims of the Italian Earthquake:

I have just finished talking on the phone with Jo Hunziker. He is the director of the camping ministry up in the mountains east of Rome and is coordinating relief efforts among many of the evangelical believers in the Aquila area that was hit by the big earthquake April 6. Jo told me that all of the believers have suffered structural damage to their homes. Three of the families have had their homes completely destroyed. Figures for total estimated damage and repair costs will need to await the final reports of engineers. Jo affirmed that careful records will be kept on funds received and all funds will be given to the families effected.

Last night the families expressed how difficult it was to brave the cold, freezing rain, wind, and live together in a huge tent. The government is supplying food for all those in need. Jo expressed they needed products for good hygiene. (diapers, shampoo, tissue,soap)

There is a request for spiritual guidance, encouragement and for those who will come to listen to the dramatic stories of the survivors. The continuing tremors keep reminding the people of the horrible experience. A list of guests must be made days prior to the visit, be accepted by authorities and put on the approved guest list. Only a certain number of guests are allowed into the area each day.This week Alice and I, along with Michele and Anna Gandolfo will make a trip to the "tendopli" (tent area housing the residents). I would ask you to specifically pray we would sensitive to each person!

For those of you who want to participate financially with the great needs among the earthquake survivors of Aquila, WorldVenture has approved a special project. World Venture does not take a percentage of your donation for administrative costs for this special project.

When you send your donation to WorldVenture please indicate on a separate sheet of paper "for 6411-904 ITALY-L'AQUILA EARTHQUAKE". Do not write this on your check. On line giving may be through

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