Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Recession -- What Recession?

While many indicators point to a world-wide recession, one overlooked indicator would cause you to ask, "What recession?" The generosity of God's people does not show any sign of letting up on account of the external economic environment.

I just received word from Pregnancy Resource Center that New Life Church has given $1156.10 to date. We began our annual "baby bottle drive" on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Thank you for your generosity.

If that were all, it would represent well a generous church, but there's more! Below is a video of the middle school auction which supports Dalit Children in India. You can read Scott Haugen's account of it underneath the video.

Over 65 excited New Life members and visitors from the ages of 8 to 80 gathered for our 4th Annual Middle School Auction to raise money to support the Dalit Children and the Buhlers on March the 4th.

All the items and services for the auction were contributed by Middle School students and other members. It was commented that, "the Middle Schoolers have really learned that giving of what you have in the way of services like mowing lawns, or possessions like a bike you love, can be used by God for His Kingdom work!"

The Middle School class has adopted two Dalit students about their same age to provide food, clothing and schooling. Their prayer is that the Alok and Sowjayna will have a chance to hear about Jesus and get an education that will allow them to rise above the caste system in India that holds them down.

The first year the Auction raised $400. Our goal was to double that the second year, and through sacrificail giving and generous patrons that was accomplished. Last year we raised $1032 and this year it was amazingly doubled again to $2081!

Please take 4 minutes to look at the video to see some of the highlights from the Auction!!

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Anonymous said...

I love hearing about the auction every year! What an exciting thing it has been! Hooray for the hearts and giving spirits of the middle schoolers, and hooray for the leadership and church body that continues to support their growth!