Saturday, January 03, 2009

Read Through the New Testament

In keeping with Aaron's recent New Year's post, I want to invite you to read through the New Testament with me this year. Here is the blog that I am using for my reading with explanations on how to get started.

I'll be having a giveaway for those who will commit to the journey with me. I hope either this, or one of the tools Aaron mentioned below, will help you in your daily reading. Don't let this year go by without making progress in your life with the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Scott,
I would love to join you in reading through the New Testament in the new year. Thanks for asking.. Shirley Hanson

Lori Elliott said...

The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders from Treasure Land are joining you in this as well....we are actually going to do just the Gospels but that's a start. This Sunday nearly ALL of them read their assignment: Matthew 1 and 2; Ben and Emily Foullon read 1-5! Thomas Woltjers went above and beyond and could have taught my Sunday School class today! He made a time line of the geneology, he knew how many generations passed from Abraham to Jesus and he told us of the prophecies made in chapter 2 and shared from Hosea and Isahia! Each child shared something about what they read. Can you see why I just love being in Treasure Land? These kids are awesome! They love the Lord!!