Monday, January 12, 2009

New Wednesday Night Life Series

All high school students are invited to check out a new six week series Ignite will be starting this Wednesday, January 14, 2009. The series is entitled Q & A with God and is be a look at the book of Malachi. In it, God makes a statement, is questioned, and defends what He said. This happens six times, and the questions that surface are very relevant for today. The questions we will be considering are:

1. How do I know God loves me?
2. What does God expect from me?
3. Why don't I feel close to God?
4. What breaks God's heart?
5. How can I be close to God?
6. Is it worth it to serve God?

The answers that God gives are most enlightening and will teach us about love, respect, faithfulness, justice, repentance and reward. Don't miss it!

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