Saturday, December 20, 2008

Church in Your Neighborhood Tomorrow

Got cabin fever? Feeling really disconnected from your friends at church? Just itching to worship God with a few friends tomorrow? Don't let a little snow stop you. Bundle up and head out on a walk to church at a home near you. Six families from New Life Church are going to open up their homes for a time of worship tomorrow morning. Here are their names and addresses, please call before you come:

Collins Family- 11:00 AM

Corbett Family- 11:00 AM

Hanson Family- 11:00 AM

Haugen Family- call for time

Pricer Family
- 11:00 AM

Reavely Family- 10:30 AM

If you can't make it to one of these homes, take some time to worship with your family. Sing a few Christmas songs, read the account of the birth of Jesus, and pray together as a family.

Excited to worship Jesus with you,

Pastor Nathan
Hebrews 10:24


Anonymous said...

We had the most wonderful time. What a fun and perfect morning to worship in someone's home. Our family went to the Collins' home, which is just at the end of our street. It was very memorable to walk to "church" in the snow. Elissa even surprised me when she put on a dress for the occasion. We spent over four hours there. We had a delicious lunch, heard a Christmas message and sang Christmas carols. The boys were salivating over their big screen tv when they saw the Wii sitting on top. So, of course they pulled it out and all had fun racing Mario Kart. What a memory we will cherrish-when God brought us an "arctic blast" on Christmas. Thanks for setting it up whoever you are. I don't think we should wait until we get snow to do it again- Although I think that is what made it extra special! God bless everyone. I hope you had a Christmas Sunday to remember as we did. Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon.

RevReav said...

We had 27 people at our house Sunday morning. Mostly neighbors came. The Gardners drove from Tualatin.

I parked my pickup out of the garage so people could enter there and take their shoes off. The pickup iced over outside. When I tried to open the window it exploded. Now I've got no driver's side window in my pickup.

Even that did not ruin the morning, though. It was a great time together. I'm glad we did it.