Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Caroling in the Snow Tonight (Change of Plans)

So, the official church policy is that if West Linn Schools are canceled, all New Life Church events are canceled. So, officially this event is canceled, but unofficially...why should a little snow squash our Christmas spirit?

The Pylate family would like to invite anyone who can make it to our house, to go caroling in the snow tonight at 6:30 PM. We live at 2590 Oxford Street in West Linn. The way up to our house is actually plowed pretty well and was mostly dry pavement last night (Sunset Avenue is a fire lane). If you need directions or a current weather report, please give us a call at 503-984-6445.

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Lori Elliott said...

Thank you Pylate family for your faithfulness to service and ministry opportunities! Thank you for coming caroling to our house even when it was very wet and very cold---you gave us a precious gift...your time and your love! We know you must love us to go out in that weather, walk down the steep hill to our house (knowing you would have to walk up that hill to get home). The cookies were absolutely delicious! The singing was actually very good (loved the jingler of the bells--he's so adorable)! Even Tom got a tear in his eye that you would come carolling to us! We love you, Pylate family! Merry Christmas!

The Elliotts