Monday, October 27, 2008

Week 5 - “Missions & Evangelism”

Individual & Small Group Instructions

This week we’ll be focusing on Parts 4 & 5 of the Prayer Resource Book, “Missions” & “Evangelism” (pg. 35-39). Begin each prayer by approaching God through one of the five prayers in Part 1, “Opening.” In addition to your regular requests, pray each day for the assigned missionary/missionaries as outlined below. For a more detailed list of prayer requests from each missionary check out the New Life Blog. Close your prayer by reading through both the Missions (pg. 36) and Evangelism (pg. 39) sample prayers. You may also like to pray for lost individuals you know by using the prayer from Part 9, “The Unconverted” (pg. 46).
New Life Missionaries
Day 1 (26th) — Paul and Diana Mayhugh (South Asia), Brian and Lavonne Buhler (South Asia)
Day 2 (27th) — Dave and Sherrie Henderson (Portland and Central Asia)
Day 3 (28th) — Skip and Ruth Sorenson (Uganda), Audrey Sorenson (Rwanda)Day 4 (29th) — Rich and Cheri Staham (Ukraine)
Day 5 (30th) — Dan and Alice Simmons (Italy), Bruce Tissell (Brazil)
Day 6 (31st) — Carmen Bryant (Portland State University), Paul and Beryle Metko (Scappoose, OR)
Day 7 (1st) — Rick and Mary Beth Holladay (Germany)
Small Group Participation
As a group, adopt a missionary from the list above to pray for every week for the rest of 2008. For more information on how to pray week to week for the missionary you choose, contact Pastor Nathan, 503.699.1779. You can also get regular updates from the field via e-mail or personally reach out to a missionary and their family through letters, gifts and support.

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