Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 3 - “The Church” (Part 1)

Using the Prayer Resource Book:
This week and next we will be focusing on Part 3 of the Prayer Resource Book, “The Church” (pg. 18-34). Despite it’s emphasis in the NT (as the prayers this week display), the church often receives no more than a passing, “God, please bless . . .” in our regular prayer lives. Each day we will concentrate on a different area of prayer for the church using the following schedule:

Day 1 (12th) — “The Spiritual Life of the Body” (pg. 18-21)
Day 2 (13th) — “The Pastor(s)” & “The Elders” (pg. 22-25)
Day 3 (14th) — “The Ministry of the Word” (pg. 26-28)
Day 4 (15th) — “Worship” (pg. 29-30)
Day 5 (16th) — “Financial Need and Stewardship” (pg. 31-32)
Day 6 (17th) — “Small Group Community” (pg. 33-34)
Day 7 (18th) — “Worship” & “The Ministry of the Word”

Prayer Appointment Cards
If you haven’t yet engaged in the 40 Days or it you’re having trouble sustaining your goals, then the Prayer Appointment Card is for you. The cards were included in last week's worship folder, but you can also pick them up at either location. Simply record the “Where, When and What” of your prayer life on the card and treat it just like you would a regular appointment: block off the time in your calendar, put the card somewhere memorable and show-up.

24-Hours of ExtraOrdinary Corporate Prayer
From 9:00am Saturday the 18th to 9:00am Sunday the 19th we will be joining together (4-5 people per hour) for a full 24 hours of prayer. Stop by the table in the foyer or contact Aaron Orendorff, 503.957.4335/

Small Group Participation
Using the Collected Scriptures from the “Small Group Community” pages (33-34), write out two or three prayers that you can use for both your personal group and for the small group ministry across New Life.

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