Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Remodel is Underway!

The remodel at New Life Riverfalls that we have been talking about for a couple months is officially underway. The church voted overwhelmingly in favor of changing the library and upper fireside rooms into a coffee bar and living room for the church. We also approved an exterior project to update the entrance. Once the interior project, which is the project we began talking about, is underway and fully funded the exterior project can begin once the money for it comes in.

This remodel will have a big impact on our Coffee Cart ministry and will be used every school day as well as Sundays. It will also make the first impression of the church much more attractive.

The work will commence around October 20 and we hope to have it ready of Christmas. Please continue to pray for the project. You may donate by simply marking your giving envelope, "Building Fund." Thank you.

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