Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Current Events Discussion Group - October

“How do you pick a presidential candidate?”
October 23rd @ 7:00pm, Riverfalls Campus

Mission Statement:
The Current Events Discussion Group (CEDG) exists to explore and evaluate contemporary social, political and cultural issues so that each member may discern and apply their personal faith convictions within their daily lives.

The opinions and views expressed at the CEDG reflect those of the of the person who gave them and not New Life Church.

The CEDG will be meeting the fourth Thursday of every month.
Discussion Questions:
  1. What social and political issues are relevant to choosing a candidate?
  2. Does one issue carry more weight than others? Why?
  3. What can we learn from Jesus and Paul’s interactions with political power?
  4. How should a candidate’s moral and religious commitments effect your vote?
Contact Information:
For more information on CEDG procedures and for a required Information Packet addressing this month’s topic contact Tiffani Howard: 503.223.6357 or tiffani@howardink.com
Required Preparation
  1. Scripture Reading: Romans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 2:1-4 & Deuteronomy 17:14-20
  2. Read the following articles:
    How to Pick a President by Daniel Taylor & Mark McCloskey
    In the Booth, Not of the Booth by Adam Smith
  3. Pick and answer one of the Discussion Questions from the list above. Be prepared to give a 4-5 minute defense/presentation of your answer (i.e., less than one page written).
  4. Consult at least two additional media sources dealing with the question you've chosen. These sources must reflect two varying/opposing answers to the question and they must be from reputable, evangelical sources.
  5. If you do not complete the required preparation before the CEDG meeting then you may only participate in the discussion/questioning portion of the meeting.
Upcoming Monthly Topics:
Church and State • Creation Meets Evolution • Is American a “Christian Nation”? • Evangelical Environmentalism • Christianity and the Israeli State • Old Testament Wars vs. Modern Wars


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Would you mind posting what the requirements are to be part of the group? AND/OR is it possible to come and just listen if you don't meet the requirements?

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea. I'm bummed that I can't be part of the group; have Bible study on Thursday nights but I hope you have a great turnout and stimulating, God honoring conversations!