Wednesday, September 17, 2008

40 Days of Prayer

Starting in less than two weeks (September 28th) New Life Church (in tandem with both Oregon City churches) will embark on a process we’re calling “40 Days of ExtraOrdinary Prayer.” This is the second time our church will give itself to a forty day period of intense private and corporate prayer (many of you probably recognize the same name from 2006). The highlights of this process will include:

  • Weekly Prayer Focuses for Individuals and Small Groups
  • 24-Hour Period of Corporate Prayer
  • A Culminating Event of Prayer and Worship to Close the 40 Days on November 6th
  • Prayer Resource Book to Help Aid You and Your Group in Its Prayers
Here is a preview of what the covers for the Prayer Resource Book will look like (a special thanks to Andie Haugen for her design work).

More to come soon.

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