Tuesday, August 26, 2008

High School Beach Bash: Building Community

Thank you to our leaders: Youth Pastors Matt and Alicia Vorhees; Dave Nizic; Josh, Elaine, and Baby Iris Hochstettler--for what appears to have been an awesome day at the beach! The focus of the long day was "Building Community", which involved strengthening relationships through fun times on the beach, dinner in Seaside, and a look at the early church model of community. Pastor Matt challenged the students by asking: "What does Jesus-shaped community look like"? If you would like to know more about our student ministries at New Life Church, please visit their unique website at http://www.ignitenw.com/!

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Anonymous said...

Love the progression of the pics...under the sand, on the sand, above the sand.... what next? the rapture? :)