Friday, July 11, 2008

Utah Mission Team Update #5 - Sports Camp

Opening rallyHuddle group JishkabobsGirls defeat the boys in soccerThe CobrasGirls shooting drillsThe girlsHow can I summarize our Sports Camp experience in Utah? First the facts: (1) there were on average about 25 kids each day, (2) we did soccer and basketball, (3) we talked about teamwork and sacrifice, culminating in the story of Jesus, (4) we had kids from a couple LDS families, as well as kids from the church and the community, (5) four kids wanted to believe in Jesus for the first time.

There were several transformations associated with Sports Camp. Kids were very cold towards the activities and their coaches in the beginning. You can see from the pictures that that clearly changed. Our team was also fractured and on edge after a stressful start to Sports Camp and the inevitable relational grind of having been in close quarters with one another for 5 straight days. Our debrief session tonight confirmed that God worked a miracle to unify us, not only for Sports Camp, but in everything else we did today. Thanks for your prayers! Lastly, Young kids lives were changed as they heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Four boys genuinely expressed an interest in trusting Jesus for salvation for the first time. There was also a young LDS girl who was wrestling (in a VERY good way) with the difference between the gospel we were preaching and the message she had been taught growing up. These were amazing results from a camp that only lasted two days. We praise God for his accelerated work in and through us!

Please pray for those who showed signs of being affected by the gospel message. Pray also that the seeds that were planted would bear longterm fruit. Continue to pray for love and unity amongst our team members, and that our presence at Alpine Church would enhance the ministry that God has already blessed them with. We are convinced that many are interceding for us because we see God's hand at work. Keep it up, and THANK YOU!!!

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