Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Utah Mission Team Update #3

Andrew and Aubrie passing out fliersClaire, Ronnie and Grayson out and aboutPoolside BBQSLAUGHTERBALL!!!Day 3 was hard work and a lot of fun all rolled into one. We spent a good portion of the morning and the afternoon in the hot Utah sun, going door-to-door and passing out fliers for Sports Camp and the Community Picnic on Sunday. We split up into 4 groups, and some had very positive experiences while others were met with mild hostility. All in all, we are thankful for God's protection and favor with the people we encountered. Please continue to ask God for these things as we will be passing out fliers today (Wednesday).

In the evening, we went to the Youth Pastor's house for swimming and a BBQ. We played an intense game, like Water Polo, called Slaughterball...which was awesome! The athletes walked away with bruises, cramps, bleeding scratches and even a broken was the youth pastor...OUR HOST! I guess we were a little rough with him.

Our team continues to impress us with their unity and perseverance amidst some long days. Thank you so much for your prayers, and please don't stop.
Pray for:
-Good response at Sports Camp tomorrow
-We are able to pull our resources together to impact the families in this community for Jesus Christ
-God's empowerment and grace in us and in those we will be ministering to
-This trip continues to be an encouragement to Alpine Church--as it already has been
-Each individual on the team would continue to be shaped by this experience
-Appreciate even more the grace available to us in Jesus Christ--a concept that is foreign to LDS people
-The challenges of this trip press us to be more faithful as ministers and evangelists

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Anonymous said...

Aahhh, the swimming pool! What a relief it was to the Brazil team last summer to have a pool to refresh and play in!
Know that you are all in many prayers and thoughts as you continue to minister there...and when you are back home.