Sunday, July 20, 2008

Milestone! 1000 posts!

This is the 1,000th post to the Treasure Chest. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it. As we enter the second thousand posts, it would encourage and help if you would suggest what post or posts have been your favorites. Thank you for your attention.


Lori Elliott said...

I enjoy all sorts of Blogs! We have a great variety of types of Blog entries and that keeps it from being boring and predictable. I especially enjoy seeing what other people at New Life are doing in areas of service---we need to "catch," people Linda Rodenbaugh who keeps up the front gardens of the church or Alex Fuentes and his work at church (ie-working on a room for Bridges to Change)or the Montgomery and others who fold our bulletins or those who faithfully serve at New Life Robinwood!! It's encouraging to see and to hear about the many ways people are serving Jesus by serving their church body or neighboring communities!

Thank you so much for faithfully working on this Blog--with all the many other responsibilities and ways you serve, Pastor Scott, you keep this site up for all to enjoy and read! Thanks too, for all who contribute to this site as well!!


Anonymous said...

My favorite posting was "Julia McBride for President". :-)!
I love Lori's idea about "catching people being good", and a picture's worth a thousand words! If you have an idea or a snapshot to share, please send them to me at and I will post them whenever I can!
--Julia M.

Brian Janssen said...

One word: Mandles.