Thursday, July 24, 2008

Italian Friends

Sunday evening, July 13th, the New Life Robinwood Campus was packed for a presentation of music and ministry with Dan & Alice Simmons and friends from their church in Ostia. The evening was a great encouragement to Dan.
Simmons led us in thanksgiving for the progress of the work in Ostia and encouraged us to pray for the harvest field there.

Giulio, Marco and Maria expressed their gratitude for our partnership. They also reminded us how hard it is to make a spiritual impact in their culture.

The Simmons did not ask you for financial support. I want to encourage you to consider supporting them in prayer and financially. They are undersupported and need to raise more before they return to Italy in August. You can give by going to the WorldVenture webpage and follow the menu until you get to the donate section where you will select their name.

I hope this blog post is better late than never!
They were here for three weeks while they traveled and did ministry in other churches. We miss them now that they are home.

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