Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oprah’s New “Church”

While not endorsing the book or political views expressed in this clip's closing moments, the doctrinal substance expressed by Oprah and Tolle is important to be aware of.


Anonymous said...


I teach a doctrinal foundations class in our church, and was surprised (well not so much) by how many believers watch Oprah daily and read her recommended books. We've interacted about it quite a bit, learning the truth of the Gospel and how it applies to discernment, humility, and what we allow to feed our minds (and rally behind). Oprah has far more influence in America than we could even realize. Hers is really a 'church,' but not of the truly called-out ones.

May God strength His Church to be the Church and respond to our culture with grace, power and love, in no way lessening our portrayal of Truth, the persona and glory of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this Aaron. I find it so disturbing when the New Age movement claims to be "unboxing" God. From my observations it is more accurate to describe what they are doing as the exact opposite. I view what they are doing more like attempting to box God up into something that they can come closer to understanding. It seems to me that they are seeking to distance themselves from the mysteries of his unfailing love and intangible vastness because it's uncomfortable to not be able to understand those things.
Pride is so caustic to our soul...