Friday, April 25, 2008

Facebook for Pastors

I contributed a section to a new e-book, FaceBook for Pastors, that just became available. While it is targeted at pastors, it highlights some good ministry ideas for anyone who might be inclined to serve Christ on FaceBook. Here is the press release for it. It is about:

How to build relationships and connect with people using the most popular social network on the Internet. This 32 page e-book will help Pastors and other ministry leaders make the most of this great networking tool.

* How to make the most of your profile information
* Tips for Networking with People in Facebook
* All about groups, messages, poking, etc
* Brand Your Ministry
* Meet prospects for your church
* Learn more about the members in your church
* Fine tune your communication skills
* Testimonies from Pastors who use FaceBook
* and much more!

Get the e-book here free using this link:

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