Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Church Calendar

A couple weeks ago we moved our website to a different host. A few things happened as a result. The "Members" section of the website, which housed the online directory, disappeared. We are working to restore that.

And, the church calendar vanished forever. We looked at almost 50 different calendars for one that would serve us well and have found one at Famundo! We like it for a number of reasons:

  1. It has color. Our old one didn't.
  2. If you scroll over an event it will expand and you can see more details.
  3. You can customize your view. If you want to see what is happening this week, you can select a weekly tab. If you want the month, you view the entire month. Or if it is a busy day at church, you can view only that day.
  4. You can view a Google map for an event if it is off-campus.
  5. You can layer the calendar. If you want a youth ministry calendar. You deselect all the other boxes and all you see is youth ministry. It's pretty sweet.
  6. We can add notes and online files alongside the calendar. For instance, Ignite ministry can put an event on the calendar and then attach a registration for to the event or over in the sidebar!
  7. You can sync your family calendar with the church calendar. Want to know when the senior's luncheons conflict with your grand-children's field trips? Highlight the senior's tab and then export.
  8. It highlights important holidays like Cesar Chavez day.
  9. The old one didn't work on the new site so we had to do something!
As you look at the new calendar, if you think of new questions or ways we haven't thought to use it yet, please leave a comment and help us make the most of this new opportunity. Thanks.


Sandi B said...

Good to know the online directory will be back . . . I've missed it already! Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do on this site.
Sandi B

Anonymous said...

I like your reasons Uncle Scott. Very compelling. ;) I like the new calender. I will be able to keep up with all that is happening with New Life.