Tuesday, March 25, 2008

15 Reasons I've Stayed 15 Years

As part of my reflection on 15 years I have thought about the things that have anchored me here. In the beginning we thought we'd return to Montana and much to our initial surprise we are still here. Why have I stayed at New Life Church for a decade and a half? Here are 15 reasons:

  1. I still feel called by God to be here.
  2. The church has given me no reason to go.
  3. It is a pleasure to work with elders who are men of integrity and vision.
  4. It is a delight to work with such a fine staff.
  5. God is still answering prayers and sending workers into the harvest.
  6. I am privileged to serve the greater Body of Christ. I was a GHC trainer for several years for Sonlife ministries and now am a trustee for Western Seminary and CB Northwest.
  7. I am still learning a lot.
  8. No one else wants me!
  9. Most people who wish I would leave have given up and left the church.
  10. I have freedom to care for my family and coach my kids sports.
  11. I have a new office!
  12. My family loves the church. If I was fired, they'd still want to come and serve!
  13. There are several young men at New Life Church who will become better pastors than I am and God has given me opportunity to be part of their lives.
  14. The church has loved my family. God has kept his word about returning a hundred-fold in this life. . . (Mk. 10:29-30).
  15. There is work still to do!

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Lori Elliott said...

what a blessing to have you as our pastor and friend. when thinking of coming home from our wonderful, beautiful family vacation yesterday, coming home to a church family we love and a pastor we love made it easier to leave "paradise" and join our brothers and sisters on the "mission field." We give thanks for these 15 years and look forward to serving along side you for another 15 years...Lord willing.

Tom and Lori