Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's the Opposite of a Children's Book?

This is a post about SAM and Clifford but not "Sam, I Am" from Green Eggs and Ham or Clifford, the Big Red Dog. It is about the Senior Adult Ministry (SAM) at New Life Church and Pat Clifford, (not big, not red and certainly not a dog).

One of my chief concerns over the past few months has revolved around what to do with the Senior Adult ministry without Bob Spidal. He had served so ably and lovingly for so long, I wasn't sure how we could replace him. I am thankful that, though, with man it is impossible, with God nothing is impossible.

From the time the Cliffords moved from California about 4 years ago, God had been building within Pat a desire to serve Seniors. He didn't know what that looked like or how it would take shape, but God did. Yesterday, he began as the new Senior Adult Director at New Life Church.

CliffordsHe is a wise man with a subtle and hysterical sense of humor. I have every confidence that God will use him to be a great encouragement to the seniors. . . and to me! And this chapter will not be a children's book, but another story of God's faithfulness to his church.

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