Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Season of Prayer and Fasting

If you missed church this last Sunday, you may not know that the staff and elders of New Life have called our church to a Season of Prayer and Fasting between now and Easter. We put out a prayer guide for the whole congregation to use. You can pick one up at church this Sunday if you didn't get one. Until then, here is the basic plan for the season:

We are asking that you would set aside every Wednesday between now and Easter as a special day of Prayer and Fasting (if Wednesday doesn't work, pick another day).

How that looks is going to be different for every individual and family within our church.

  • Some may choose to fast from food and others may not.
  • Some may set aside all other activities on those days.
  • Others may just pray at meal times or in the evenings
We are not so much concerned about how you pray as we are that you do indeed pray. There is no pass or fail to this season of prayer. If you pray a little bit more, that is win. If this season of prayer is the impetus to a whole new commitment to prayer in your life, even better.

Below you can find some Scripture verses and suggestions for prayer for the first day:
Daniel 9: 1-19, 2 Chr. 7:14
Take some time today to pray for yourself, your church, and your nation. In humility, pray prayers of repentance for our sins past and present. Ask God to bring healing to our land. Pray for the revival of our church and churches around the world. Pray that He would use us to grow His kingdom here in West Linn and around the world. Reaffirm our absolute dependence on Him in everything we do!

Suggestion: Make this first day a private day of prayer. Commit yourself to prayer once again. Ask for God’s help to persevere.

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