Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Video

This video should encourage you on a number of levels: the value of life, the importance of being involved. . . and the importance of memorizing the Bible! This video stars New Life Church's youngest film prodigy and was produced by Ronn Pricer. Thank you.


Lori Elliott said...

Wow, what an emotional and powerful video. This was so very well done and I hope a lot of people see this!

Hudson just blew me away! To see this little boy reciting God's Word (and from my life's passage--love it!!)well I was moved to tears and filled with joy. Our children are precious and they are so very capable of learning God's word at 3 years old!! As I watched this little guy do his motions while saying these beautiful verses I thought, what an awesome privilege it is to be a Christian parent--to teach our little ones His Word---what an awesome privilege it is to be a Sunday School teacher to help facilitate parents in their teaching God's Word.

Hugs to Hudson from Mrs. Elliott! He just blessed me to pieces!

Anonymous said...

Hudson, what fun it was to see you on the video. I came to the Friendswood TX library to see my great-grandson. What a joy you are! I am so proud of you.